What is a Tarion warranty on a new home? ​

A new build home that is registered under Tarion comes with a warranty split into three sections:​

1 Year for things like material defects or missed upgrades.​

2 Years for things like water penetration. Defects in work or material on windows and doors. Heating distribution, electrical and plumbing.​

7 Years for major structural components of the home.​

You also have a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) with the builder – a few days before taking possession. ✔​

During this inspection, you are testing everything you can think of. ​

✔ Flush the toilets. ​
✔ Check the light switches and fans. ​
✔ Inspect the trim and drywall for any popping screws.​

Errors sometimes happen, and the builder will be happy to get them documented and fixed. ‍

See the PDI checklist above! 

We represent 3 builders in Wyoming! (And they all come with full 7 year Tarion Warranty).​

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It’s not as scary as you think!