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Do you want to become a full-time real estate agent and work with a company that focuses on values, growth, top-notch service and client satisfaction?

Then Elevate Real Estate Team is the right choice for you. Along with being a leading real estate team in Sarnia-Lambton, we’re looking for candidates who want to join us and excel in their careers. We’re a growing team with plenty of opportunity to scale.

Ideally, we’re looking for agents with 3 years or less experience. If you are a seasoned Realtor and looking to join a team, that’s fantastic! If you have the mindset to learn new systems, we’ll be very happy to train you.

Fill in the form and let’s discuss what growth means to you!


The benefits to joining our team are endless & there is no glass ceiling to income!

Less Burnout

You can concentrate on being the best Realtor and honing your skills, instead of juggling multiple tasks and letting clients fall through the cracks. We have dedicated staff and resources to improve your follow up systems & CRM database among many other attributes. 

Growing Market/Industry

Despite a little volatility, the real estate market is an ever-growing industry. By being a part of the team, you’ll get a chance to become a part of this versatile industry.

Expert Guidance & Training

Industry professionals Daniele & Rob will provide you with the required guidance and training in order to become a Realtor in Sarnia-Lambton.

What We Provide For Our Realtor Team Members

Joining A Successful Team Comes With Many Perks!

Office & Real Estate Costs
  • Work from home – If you have a family with young kids, this is a game changer if you are able to effectively create a space for you!
  • RE/MAX office is available for meeting clients
  • We pay your monthly home RE/MAX office brokerage fee
  • We cover all online marketing, radio, and any print marketing costs, listing costs, closing gifts, business cards, For Sale signs, Open House signs, directional signs. 
  • We use apps such as Discord, Zapier, Follow Up Boss, Air Table, WhatsApp & Loom to name a few. Haven’t heard of any or all of these? That’s okay! We are industry leaders in this space in Sarnia-Lambton Real Estate and we will teach you our systems.
  • Automation of the everyday items allows you more time to do what you love – sell real estate and enjoy family time.
  • We create fresh, current, and relatable content directed to our niche market – Upsizing Families
  • Our signature 5 step Level Up Method creates a smooth and stress-free experience for both agent and client.
  • Social media platforms allow us to target and retarget buyers and sellers with OUR content. A lot of times people have already decided to use us before they even reach out. That’s the goal!
  • Do you have social media content ideas but not sure how to create it? No problem, we have a partnership with a local Marketing company to help us create the right content
  • Partnership with Discovered Social – Your listings and clients will always get the red carpet treatment. 
  • Professional Drone video, photos, and video are standard for all our team listings.
Core Values
  • We live by our 5 core values. These will make or break on whether or not you are a good fit for our team. We will dive deeper into this in an interview with you!
Support & Training
  • Weekly Team Meetings
  • Weekly Sales Team Meetings
  • Daniele & Rob are always available to help you. We’ll answer your phone call and be available for all your questions.
  • Shadow Training – Follow us during showings, listing presentations, Google Meets with clients, and any other training appointments.
  • Even though we all work from home, there are several ways to stay connected and still show you how to solve any problem. Loom videos are great for sharing your screen while using voice-over to walk you through anything you’re stuck on.
  • Support staff – Our office & marketing team is there to support for deals, social media, client relations, content material creation, and everything in between

What We’re Looking For In An Ideal Candidate

Interpersonal Skills

You can’t imagine an effective work culture without interpersonal skills. It is also considered one of the most sought-after skills a person should have when it comes to teamwork.

Communication Skills

Effective communication plays an important role in the success of any organization. A candidate with good communication skills is what we always look for.

Problem Solver

If we get a problem as a team, we expect you to solve it real quick. It all starts with the mindset of being objective-oriented.

Sales Experience

This can be experience in any sales industry. We would like you to have the knowledge of helping clients and/or customers reach their goals.

Conflict Management

Where there’s smoke there’s fire. But rather than focusing on fire and smoke, we expect our ideal team member to emphasize putting sand on the fire. Conflicts always impact the outcomes.

Active Listener

Put simply, being attentive while listening without interrupting is what makes a great listener great. Expertise to share constructive feedback would be a plus point.


This isn’t going to be a hobby for you. You’ll be working full-time and have the mindset and determination to turn this into a career.

Independent Worker

You’ll be given leads. You’ll have the drive to contact these leads to convert them to clients. You’ll have the confidence to hold yourself on your own and provide all your real estate knowledge to your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Team & The Ontario Real Estate Industry

Is Real Estate a good career choice in 2023?

Indeed. The Canadian real estate market is at an all-time high and prices are soaring. This simply states the demand for properties in the market. By choosing real estate as a career option you are not just being part of this growing industry, but adding so many skills to your arsenal.

Do I need to have a real estate license and any similar background qualifications to become a real estate agent?

Yes, having a license is mandatory as one is only authorized to deal in properties/real estate if they have a real estate license. More specifically, Ontario has its own bodies (RECO & OREA) and a specified set of rules to get a real estate license. About similar background qualifications, if you don’t have we will provide you required real estate training.

How to get a Real Estate license in Ontario, Canada?

In order to get a real estate license in Ontario, one must go through prerequisite real estate courses and examinations. The next step is to find a brokerage to associate yourself with. We obviously suggest RE/MAX sarnia realty inc., to become part of the largest market share in Sarnia-Lambton. The final step is to apply for your real estate license from RECO (Real Estate Council of ONTARIO).


The steps needed to get your real estate license have recently changed. We suggest you get your answers from RECO (Real Estate Council of Ontario) and OREA (Ontario Real Estate Association – OREA – Ontario Real Estate Association)
Source: How To Become A Licensed Real Estate Agent In Ontario

How much does a Real Estate Agent make in Ontario, Canada?

This is a loaded question since it all depends on many many factors. As per the data, the average income a real estate agent makes in Ontario is around $45,586. 

Don’t let a real estate brokerage bait you with the unrealistic expectations that you will make $100,000 your first year. 

Ultimately, you can make as much as you want depending on your determination, work ethic, desire to learn and the knowledge that you will gain joining a team.

Source: https://wowa.ca/how-much-do-real-estate-agents-make

Can I do Real Estate part-time?

It’s a mixed answer from us! We are looking for Realtors that want to be or are already full-time in the industry. However, we always recommend that you set your short-term goals aggressively so that you can quickly transition to a full-time role on our team. We would love to help you achieve full-time status as quickly as possible. The more you give your time to this industry, the more skill set you will be able to build and provide to your clients.

Do you have any other job-openings?

Yes, we do. Our organization is always in search of talented people to join our team. The ones who can bring value to the table. We are looking for people who can help us with administrative tasks, digital marketing, website development, etc. Drop your resume and let us know about your skills.

“Our team is built on the fundamental values that we cherish and continually strive for.”


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