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This guide is to help move you from your current home to your family home. There are many reasons why you want to move to a larger family home. Maybe you live in your first home that you purchased as first-time home buyers. Now, it’s too small and doesn’t have the space for your growing family. Perhaps, you’ve outgrown your home now that you have 3 kids and you really want your own adult space that includes an ensuite or a basement large enough for family movie night. You need to upsize your house but you have no idea where, how, or when to start!

We’ve experienced the stress of moving with kids and all the moving parts that come up along the way. We realized that we were letting down our Sellers through the zig zag process of selling your home. We knew there must be an easier way to portray the ins and outs of selling a home.

That’s why we created the LEVEL UP METHOD. We put in the knowledge that we’ve gained over the years with our experience as parents, a couple, homeowners, and Realtors. We understand the reasons why you want to move and the stress and turmoil your current house is causing you and your relationship with your partner and/or kids!

You’ll want to download this free guide to fully understand what we bring to the table when navigating the sale of your home.

What you’ll discover in this Sellers guide:

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In 5 simple steps, we can get you into your next home!


Guide you through the entire process.


We understand the issues you're having with your current home.


We understand the vision you want for your new home.


One day you loved your home, now you hate it. It just doesn’t work anymore for your family. There is no space. You no longer have your own space and your current home is causing stress between you and your partner.


We can change your situation and help bring the calm back into your everyday life with your family and a new home to grow in.

We help families upsize their home with ease in Sarnia-Lambton.

Your family grew & your home stayed the same size!


Discover our LEVEL UP Method to get you into the right home for your family.

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