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You might not have heard about the term ‘Open House’. Maybe you’re a first-time buyer and ask yourself “What does an Open House mean?”. An open house is an event where sellers open their house to show it to potential buyers to look around. It often takes place on weekends and is hosted by the Seller’s Realtor.

As a Sarnia Real Estate Team, our job is to assist our prospective buyers in showing them listed properties. If you’re in the beginning of your search then you will probably attend a few Open Houses. This helps you get a feel for homes in your price range. Once you become our client then we can provide you a list of Open Houses in your price range. We also show our potential property buyers through open houses and answer their questions.

When we help a seller with the sale of their home, we conduct Open Houses. We amplify all information about upcoming open houses for our team using all our social media channels. This helps all potential buyers to know about the timing of an open house for your property listed.

When I sell my home, is an Open House a must? Not necessarily! However, this will bring a large amount of buyers through your home at once.

Scroll through the homes below that have an upcoming open house and give us a call to know more about them.

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There are currently no listings with upcoming open houses.
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