Our team is built on the fundamental values that we cherish and continually strive for. We stand alone in our excellence to better ourselves while providing the highest level of customer service for our clients.
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What Sets Us Apart

We help growing families upsize to their next home in Sarnia-Lambton with our Level Up Method!


Our vision is to be the leading real estate team in Sarnia, Ontario as we grow into a company evolved into many sectors of the real estate industry. We consistently strive to build meaningful and trustworthy relationships with buyers, sellers, builders, and developers. We’re committed to successfully achieving these principles as we expand and build our team.


Our mission is to provide a memorable, positive, fun, and results driven experience for all our clients. Our success will be measured by the results delivered to our clients. We are a full-service real estate team in Sarnia-Lambton that is changing the way homes are sold. The successful training, systems, marketing, technology, and team culture streamlines us as leaders in the local real estate market.


These are our team Core Values. No value is more important than the other. We strive to adhere to these values everyday to our clients and to each other.

Health Before Wealth

Nobody wants an over-exhausted and too-busy Realtor. We work for families and understand how important family is. Family time should never be taken for granted. We understand how to balance work and family life appropriately. We value that family comes first – ALWAYS!

Celebrate All The Wins

Celebrate all the wins for our team members, our clients, and ourselves. Big or small, we will celebrate them all! We will always create a positive and fun culture around us. Showing homes and meeting new people should be fun and exciting. We take our work seriously but not always ourselves!

Clear Communication

Conversations should be open, compassionate, and solution-oriented. Effective communication is key for any relationship. We always ask for open and honest communication with our team members and clients. Full transparency. Nothing should be left unsaid.

Take Responsibility

We do what we say we’re going to do. We do not overpromise and under-deliver. We’re honest about our performance and high-integrity action. We will own our mistakes and create a solution-based plan of action. Each team member is well-versed with their responsibilities and works in cohesion.

Growth Mindset

As a team and as individuals, we will push ourselves to learn and grow. We will challenge ourselves personally and professionally to break the glass ceiling. Fail forward to grow by looking for the good in the difficult, progress, and lessons learned. There is no such thing as “Perfect”. Done is better than perfect!

Let The Numbers Do The Talking

We are constantly evaluating market real estate trends. From posting Sarnia neighbourhood stats on our website, to running numbers for cash flow properties for our clients. We can back up our advice with stats that will solidify strategies for buying and selling your home. 

Daniele YEO and children

“I understand how important it is to find a home that works best for your family.”


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