Needed to find a smaller house in Brights Grove because our kids go to school there. Only three to choose from. Put an offer in on one. The owners went back on the deal wanting more money. We thought we had no choice until Daniele found us the perfect place and that deal was done and signed in one day! The owners live in Texas!

This is our fifth time with Daniele and Rob Yeo. Every single time has been stress-free. They have just found us perfect homes through the years.

We’re happier than ever. It’s even 5 times better than the one we put an offer on originally. Extremely happy with their honesty, loyalty and hard work they put in.

Could not be happier and they saved my kids from having to go to another school. They just started there in September so it was very important to keep them there. Changed our lives for the better.
We wish we could thank them more. 🧡

Kel Roundell