My wife and I had a very complicated move to sort, as we were emigrating from Scotland and Karley actually came recommended to us from another agent that didn’t work in this area. I can honestly say that she has been helpful, communicative and totally transparent with us the whole way through and changed the moving process for us from one of dread to an absolute joy. She worked diligently on our behalf, was available for a chat and a call whenever we needed and thoroughly examined and explained every part of the process; no small feat when dealing with people who are completely new to the country. I can honestly say that I will be recommending her, by name, to anyone who needs to work through the moving process in the area. She not only deserves a sign in the Sarnia Sting hockey arena, but a whole section of the stadium named after her! We know anyone who uses her, will be absolutely cared for in every eventuality. In short, work with Karley whenever you can!
Ron Rye