After interviewing three Real Estate Agents to handle the sale of my late parents home, I selected Daniele Dunlop-Yeo. She was very through when she initially toured and inspected the home and she presented a schedule of events that would need to take place before the home was to be listed on the market. In addition to being professional, knowledgeable and friendly, Daniele was caring and put me at ease since this process was during a difficult time. Daniele had told us that she was always available for any questions or advice that we would need her for, and yes indeed she was. She remained in contact with us on a daily basis, sometimes numerous times a day providing advice, answering questions as well as providing support. If Daniele was not able to provide an answer immediately, she always got back to us the same day with the answers to our questions. I feel this is not just a career for Daniele, it is so much more. Daniele cares for her clients and makes sure that her clients are comfortable through the entire process. Not only would I recommend Daniele Dunlop-Yeo to everyone, but I would hire Daniele again in a heartbeat. She is what everyone needs in a Real Estate Agent. I cannot thank Daniele enough for all of her hard work, attention to details, professionalism, care and compassion.

Terry Rattigan