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Home Buyers Checklist
Home Selling Checklist
Home Selling Checklist

Why Choose Us To Buy?

Right now you’re researching to find a Realtor. Here are the benefits to working with our team!

Neighbourhood Experts

What schools are available in this neighbourhood? What amenities are nearby? How close would we be to emergency services? We’ll show you what’s available to you, and it’s proximity, to your potential property.

Listings That Match Your Criteria

We won’t send you every listing in your price range that hits the market. We comb through the new listings and price reductions to make sure it fits your criteria before we email them to you. We’ll also bring exclusive off-market listings to your attention.

Clear Communication

Conversations should be open, compassionate, and solution-oriented. Effective communication is key for any relationship. We always ask for open and honest communication with our clients. Full transparency.

Trusted Professionals

We have trusted Mortgage Specialists & Lawyers that we’ll introduce you to. You will fully understand your options for financing. All your questions, and more, will be answered by meeting with our trusted mortgage experts. We have law teams that we strongly recommend to our
clients. They’ve helped many of our clients with a successful and smooth process. You want a legal team that’ll help you answer the tough questions!

Full-Time & Full-Service Team

We have dedicated staff that brings support to the back end of our team. They’re fine tuning our systems and keeping paperwork organized. They’re the reason why we can show you houses that’s during a convenient time for you. They’ve created space in our calendar to allow us to dedicate time during meetings, showings, offers, inspections and final walkthroughs.

Let The Numbers Do The Talking

We’re constantly evaluating market real estate trends. From bringing Sarnia real estate neighbourhood stats to our website to running numbers for cash flow properties for our clients. We can back up our advice with stats that’ll solidify strategies & housing prices when buying or investing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I afford, and how much should I budget for a home purchase?

This depends on various factors, including your income, credit score, existing debts, and the down payment you can make. The first critical step is to work with a financial advisor to determine a realistic budget. Ensure they specialize in mortgages because the lending rules are ever-changing based on real estate and economic conditions. If you don’t know who to call, we have a few referrals that we can provide you to get this step started!

What is the current real estate market like in Sarnia-Lambton?

The real estate market is constantly changing, factors such as average home prices, inventory levels, and the number of days properties stay on the market change month to month. Our team can provide a specialized market report, with insights based on your specific style of home and neighbourhood.

What financing options are available to me, and what are the current interest rates?

Financing options vary, but common ones include conventional mortgages, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)-insured mortgages, and other government-backed loans. Interest rates are influenced by economic conditions and can change frequently. Consult with mortgage lenders to explore available options, understand the terms, and get pre-approved. A pre-approval helps you know your budget and makes you a more attractive buyer. Don’t know which mortgage lender to use? We have a list of trusted professionals for you to choose from!

What are the key considerations during a home inspection, and what should I be aware of?

Prioritize a thorough home inspection in Sarnia-Lambton, focusing on the roof, plumbing, electrical systems, foundation, and structural elements. Our list of trusted home inspectors ensures a comprehensive assessment. Remember, inspectors identify issues – use this information to make an informed decision. Your Elevate Real Estate Team is here to guide you through this process.

How does the homebuying process work, and what steps should I be prepared for?

Navigating the Sarnia-Lambton home-buying process involves pre-approval, house hunting, making an offer, inspections, securing a mortgage, and closing. Our Elevate Real Estate Team will assist you through each step. Start with a quick questionnaire and a Buyer consultation to understand your needs, making your journey seamless.

I have to sell my current home to buy my next home. What should I do first?

Whether selling or buying, our team in Sarnia-Lambton tailors solutions to your comfort level. Depending on your preferences, we may recommend listing your home first or buying with a condition based on the sale of your current home. Our goal is to protect your interests with customized offers that align with your unique situation.

Contact our team today, and a dedicated agent will answer all your questions about buying a home in Sarnia-Lambton. We are committed to providing personalized guidance for a smooth real estate experience in this vibrant local market.