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Health Before Wealth

We can show you homes in the morning and spend spend time with our in the afternoon our families.

Customer Support

Celebrate all the wins for our team members, our clients, and ourselves. Big or small, we will celebrate them all!

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While you will still need an appraisal for most kinds of loans, the Home Value Estimator is a fast an instant estimate.

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  • Work from home - If you have a family with young kids, this is a game changer if you are able to effectively create a space for you!
  • RE/MAX office is available for meeting clients
  • We pay your monthly home RE/MAX office brokerage fee
  • We use apps such as Discord, Zapier, Follow Up Boss, Air Table, WhatsApp & Loom to name a few. Haven't heard of any or all of these? That's okay! We are industry leaders in this space in Sarnia-Lambton Real Estate and we will teach you our systems.
  • Automation of the everyday items allows you more time to do what you love - sell real estate and enjoy family time.
  • It's not about bragging about awards or high priced sales
  • We create fresh, current and relatable content directed to our niche market - Upsizing Families
  • Our signature 5 step Level Up Method creates a smooth and stress free experience for both agent and client.
  • Social media platforms allow us to target and retarget buyers and sellers with OUR content. A lot of times people have already decided to use us before they even reach out. That's the goal!
Core Values
  • We live by our 5 core values. These will make or break on whether or not you are a good fit for our team. We will dive deeper into this in an interview with you!
Support & Training
  • Even though we all work from home, there are several ways to stay connected and still show you how to solve any problem. Loom videos are great for sharing your screen while using voice-over to walk you through anything you're stuck on.
  • Admin staff and other agents on the team are all there to support you, just as we would expect of you in return.
“Once your home has sold, it’s time to search. We know how important this purchase is for your family.”
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